A Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Wow guys, have I got something to share with you!

A few weeks ago, I heard about this thing called a Lymphatic Drainage Massage. Having no idea what it was, I started researching the crap out of it and became a bit obsessed. I’ve read everything about the Lymphatic System trying to understand it and what it does for our bodies. Then last week, I decided that I wanted to – I mean, needed to, get one of these massages. I found a woman near me who does them and booked it for right after Thanksgiving, and you guys, it was one of the best things I’ve ever experienced!

A little info on what the Lymphatic System is, think of it like a highway. It makes sure that the fluids in our body are flowing efficiently throughout the body as our heart pumps blood to distribute oxygen. So if your lymphatic system is moving slowly, the fluid doesn’t move as well through your body and starts to pool into your lymph nodes, resulting in tons of body and skin issues. Normally, our bodies drain our fluids pretty well, but sometimes they just need a little help which is where lymphatic drainage massages come in. They’re perfect if you’re feeling sluggish, if you have a cold or if you just want to detox your body.

The purpose of mine was to kind of detox my body from all the junk I’d been eating this past week thanks to the holiday. With Christmas coming up in less than a month, I needed to get my body back on track, and let me just tell you, I felt amazing afterwards.

✧ Headaches

✧ Fogginess

✧ Swollen Lymph Nodes

✧ Lack of Energy

✧ Sore Throat

✧ Congestion

✧ Sickness

✧ Bloated

✧ Soreness/Stiffness/Swelling

✧ Skin Issues

The thing that makes these massages different from regular massages is that it’s gentle, pulsing touches rather than like long, strong strokes down your body. You can’t go into it expecting like a deep tissue massage because you’ll be disappointed. Which is what happened to my mom when she got hers, but if you expect that it’s gentle, then you’ll be better off.

She started at my neck, then went to my face and massaged around my eyes. Moving down my body, she goes from the chest, to the stomach and then to the arms, then finally the legs. After that, she flips me over and starts working on my back. The last thing she works on is the back of my legs.

Because of the gentleness, I found this massage to be incredibly relaxing. Normally when I get massages, I have a hard time completely letting go because I’m one, generally suspicious of most strangers, and two because I focus a lot on what the person is doing, but this massage almost put me completely to sleep. There were a couple times where I think I did doze of completely for a few seconds which is very unlike me.

Afterwards, I had a headache (which she said was normal) and some congestion, but still felt very relaxed. I wasn’t bloated or felt puffy at all, but did feel a bit sore and stiff, even though I didn’t feel that way when I went in.  Now, a few hours later, my headache and congestion is gone and my soreness has dissipated. I’ve also peed several times which is also normal because all the built up fluid is draining out (that might be TMI, sorry), and you need to keep hydrating yourself to make sure everything does get flushed out. I really did feel detoxified.

All in all, I absolutely loved the experience and I will definitely go back again in a few months. Until then, there are tutorials on YouTube that show you how you can do your own DIY lymphatic massage, especially on your face if you’re interested in checking that out!

Have any of you gotten a lymphatic drainage massage before? What did you think?


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