The 5 Best Places To Find Cute Clothes For Work

Why is it so difficult to find cute work clothes? I just want to dress my best everyday in the office, but sometimes it seems impossible to find pieces that are good quality, work appropriate and not overly expensive. Especially if you work in a place that has a more professional dress code, dressing fashionably can be a real struggle.

My office is more casual, so I have more options than someone who would work in more of a corporate office, but I typically purchase my clothes from places where you can buy great pieces for any work setting. I’ve spent many, many hours combing through so many different websites searching for pieces that check all the boxes and I realized that I definitely have 5 that are like my go-to’s. So I thought I would share those with you guys, that way you hopefully don’t have to spend hours on hours searching for the best pieces!


I’ve found that Loft is the place I go to for work clothes. They usually have a great selection of blouses, pants and skirts that are perfect for any dress code. Loft also ALWAYS has some kind of sale going on. Items can be 50% off or higher at times! They also have a petite selection for us girls on the shorter side, which really comes in handy with pants. Some of my current favorites are this blouse, these pants and these mules.


Express was never on my radar until about a year ago and I have been so impressed by them lately. Not only is the quality of their clothes really good, but they are really, really cute and not crazy expensive. They even have a section on their site dedicated to work styles! They’re pieces that could easily be used in a corporate office or a casual office. Right now I’m eyeing this blouse and this dress.


Nordstrom is probably where I get like 90% of my clothes, lol. Being such a large department store, you can always find casual, dressy and professional pieces all in one place that fall in a range of prices. One thing that always has me coming back to Nordstrom is their customer service (I worked there for a summer, so I know all about it). It truly is one of the best stores out there. You can also usually count on them to keep great pieces for years and years, which is really nice when you need to stock up on your favorite items. You always need to have a great blazer ready to go, and I really like the feminine look of this blazer but it still has that masculine, oversized fit that is very on trend right now (plus it’s on sale)!


ASOS is like a beautiful little secret that you don’t want everyone to know, but that everyone should know. Similar to Nordstrom, it’s a great place to find all different styles for a variety of prices. You can find higher end pieces and low end pieces. The hardest part about shopping on ASOS is that they have so. many. options. It takes forever to go through every page, but you’ll find so many unique pieces – like this lace peplum blouse!


I have been a fan of Zara for years now and while at times it can be a hit or a miss, there are certain pieces that I can always rely on them to have. You can get really great basics, like a plain white blouse, or you can get things that are a little more trendy/fashionable, and the price points are right on the mark. The quality of most of my Zara purchases have been in my closet for a long time. I’m loving this blazer dress, this navy skirt, this button down, and this adorable woven coat that I’m obsessed with!

So that’s where I tend to look when I’m on the hunt for new clothes for work. I know how difficult it can be to find trendy pieces that are office appropriate and that won’t break the bank, so I hope this will help you get an idea of places you can go to to fill your work wardrobe. My advice – the best pieces are always the ones that you can create multiple outfits with. Since your coworkers see you like every day of the week, you can’t risk being an outfit repeater ever single week, right?!


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