For The Girls Who Like To Stay In On Friday Nights

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Some people like to make fun of men and women who choose to stay home rather than go out on a Friday. It’s almost like they think there must be something wrong with us if we prefer to spend our evening binging our favorite Netflix show, when social norms tell us we should want to go out and party it up. It doesn’t make any sense to me, and it can be really annoying to have to constantly defend your choices to people like that, but I’m here to tell you that you shouldn’t feel embarrassed or like there’s something wrong with you – instead tell yourself “who freakin’ cares!?!”

I’ve never been someone who likes to “party”. I would choose a night in by myself or a chill night with my closest friends over going to a bar/party every time. I used to wonder why I seemed to be so different from everyone else. Was it because I was boring? No. Was it because I’m anti-social? No. I like to have fun and I like being with people, just not in those types of settings. This is probably also because I’m an Introvert, but my idea of a good time isn’t spending time with a bunch of strangers at a party until 3am and then spending the entire next day trying to recover from the night before. Have I had nights like that? Yeah, and sure, they were fun, but I could count the amount of times I’ve done that on one hand.

Everyone tells you that your twenties is your chance to live it up. If you’re not being a little reckless it’s like you’re not doing your twenties right. But I’ve learned to live by the mantra “It’s my life and I’ll do what I want”. If my idea of a good time is spending my Friday night eating pizza and re-watching The Office for the thousandth time with a face mask on, then that’s my prerogative (see my post about my favorite masks here). I agree that your twenties are a time to take advantage of having minimal responsibilities and doing the things you like to do, when you want to do them. As long as I feel like I’m not going to look back at my life in 20 years and regret the choices I’m making, then I’d say I’m living my life the right way for me.

If your idea of a good time is dancing in the club until 2am, that’s great, have an amazing time. If you would rather go to dinner with your best friends then go home, that’s great too. My point is, everyone is different. Everyone’s idea of what is or isn’t fun is different and we shouldn’t be made to feel bad because our idea of a good time doesn’t line up with social norms. There’s no right or wrong way to spend a Friday night (or any night, really), so spend it however the hell you want to, and don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. It’s your life, live it how you want to.

How do you usually spend your Friday nights? Let me know in the comments!


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